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How to Communicate Your Way to Conveyancing Excellence

In the fast-paced world of property transactions, time is a precious commodity, and every minute counts.
Published on
June 12, 2024

Our conveyancing partners tell us that out of all contact they receive, well over half (57%) of all inbound contact is stakeholders wanting a general update on their case. Time that can be monetised through a different proposition, adding more volume and value.

Enter eConveyancer, your innovative and ever-upgrading, digital solution to your communication woes. We offer a suite of transformative tools and services designed to streamline communication channels, enhance transparency, and empower stakeholders at every stage of the journey.

So…how is digital conveyancing going to help you?

At the heart of eConveyancer's transformative vision lies DigitalMove, an award-winning platform that redefines the conveyancing experience from start to finish. Serving as a digital conduit, DigitalMove seamlessly connects clients, brokers, and conveyancers in a collaborative ecosystem engineered for efficiency and transparency. Digital onboarding liberates burdens of persistent paperwork, allowing them to redirect their time and resources towards the case.

One of DigitalMove's  most impactful features is its tracking system, which provides clients with real-time visibility into the progress of their transactions. Gone are the days of endless inquiries and updates; with DigitalMove, clients and stakeholders can track each milestone in the process, receive timely notifications, and stay informed at every stage. This level of transparency fosters trust, confidence and nurtures a culture of collaboration and accountability, paving the way for seamless transactions and satisfied clients.

The innovation doesn’t stop there…

In response to evolving market demands and client expectations, the most exciting development is our enhanced service proposition, currently live as a pilot. We are working with a group of firms on our panel to set a new standard of proactive service delivery, where communication is a core value that underpins every interaction.

We have found some super interesting results! We’ve seen that firms that respond within 1 working day to enquiries, are seeing a huge 55% reduction in contact, and a 23% reduction when clients are updated within 5 working days. Plus, firms who regularly update our system milestones are seeing a 14% reduction in contact.

Clients can expect a personalised experience that prioritises communication, care, and excellence at every turn, guided by the firms who have now committed to offer an elevated level of service exceeding expectations and delivering results.

This development is founded on a series of proactive service commitments that really matter to customers and introducers. We’re working closely with conveyancing firms, brokers, and customers, to put together a new set of service standards that meet their needs. We provide insight and feedback to support these firms in achieving an enhanced level of service:

·       The customer receives a welcome call or email within 2 days

·       Case milestones in the system within 1 working day.

·       Meaningful updates provided to the customer every week.

·       Response provided within 6 hours to system communications.

·       Searches ordered promptly upon receiving the contract pack.

·       Raise enquiries within 3 days of receiving the contract.

·       No more paper – all cases are electronically onboarded through DigitalMove.

Want to know more? Watch this space or book a call with our Sales team to find out more.

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