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Spotlight on Buy to Let and HMO/MUB

Two experts from Sweeney Miller have taken part in our Buy To Let Q&A.
Published on
June 21, 2024

Experts, Niamh Farrell who leads the Limited Company Buy to Lets, and Surbhi Vedhara Managing Partner at Sweeney Miller take part in our Q&A.

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of your firm's experience with Buy-to-Let (BTL) cases?

A: We are a prominent regional firm, boasting the highest market share of conveyancing transactions in the North East, as per Land Registry data. Since our inception in 2002, we've specialised in a range of property services, including residential and commercial conveyancing. Our team excels in handling all types of BTL cases, such as HMOs, Supported Living, and Multiple Unit portfolios.

Q: How is your team structured for handling BTL cases?

A: We have designated specialists for different types of BTL transactions:

  - Niamh Farrell leads our Limited Company Buy to Lets, supported by Conveyancing Assistants Paige and Kolshuma.

  - Shahar Sadat takes on complex Limited Company BTLs and non-routine conveyancing issues, with assistance from Mona Aslam.

  - David Turk focuses on individual BTLs and works alongside Khushi Jan.

  - Stephanie Rutherford manages Auction purchase BTLs with her team of Conveyancing Assistants.

Additionally, Charlie Lynn oversees our litigation department and offers support on landlord and tenant matters as needed.

Q: Can clients request specific individuals to handle their cases?

A: Yes, clients can request specific team members for their cases, especially if their needs align with our team's specialties. We aim to leverage our experts to provide the most effective service.

Q: What differentiates your approach to BTL cases from residential cases?

A: BTL clients often possess a deeper understanding of the conveyancing process and require less guidance than first-time buyers. Our focus with BTL clients is on building lasting relationships and providing a specialised service that anticipates and adapts to their unique needs.

Q: Are introductory calls available for landlords when they instruct your firm?

A: Absolutely. We believe in establishing a trusting relationship from the outset, which begins with an introductory call where landlords can ask questions and discuss their specific requirements.

Q: How often do you update your introducers on case progress?

A: We maintain high levels of communication and, with client consent, include introducers in email updates to ensure transparency and regular information flow.

Q: How quickly do you respond to queries from introducers?

A: We adhere to the Smoove Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring prompt and efficient responses to all inquiries.

Q: Why should an introducer choose your firm for BTL conveyancing on eConveyancer?

A: Our depth of specialisation in BTL conveyancing and our ability to manage complex cases set us apart. We also have a dedicated Landlord and Tenant department to address any arising issues comprehensively.

Q: How long has your firm been a member of the eConveyancer panel?

A: We have been a trusted member for approximately eight years, providing expert conveyancing services through this platform.

Q: Could you highlight the key regulatory differences between handling HMO and MUB BTL cases?

A: Conveyancing for HMOs and MUBs involves distinct challenges. HMOs may require navigating extensive licensing requirements, whereas MUBs often involve specific lender stipulations. Each type demands specialised knowledge to ensure compliance and efficient transaction handling.

Q: What are the main challenges in speeding up HMO or MUB BTL cases?

A: Delays often occur due to a lack of specialised knowledge in BTL, licensing, and planning laws, especially if the case handler is not well-versed in these areas. Additionally, cases involving separate lender representation can extend timelines and increase costs.

Q: Are there any unique lender requirements for HMO or MUB cases?

A: Yes, typically only specialist lenders or commercial banks will finance these types of properties, and they often require extensive documentation and might use separate legal representation, adding layers to the conveyancing process.

By ensuring expert handling from the start and maintaining clear communication, we strive to overcome these challenges and facilitate smoother transactions for our clients.

Niamh Farrell who leads the Limited Company Buy to Lets, and Surbhi Vedhara Managing Partner at Sweeney Miller